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Illuminated spine (neck)

Are you bothered by neck pain? Are frequent headaches affecting your daily life? Muscle tension in the neck is the cause of most headaches. To better understand how neck pain and headaches occur, let's consider your spinal structure. The cervical spine in your next contains small bones called vertebrae. The suboccipital muscles are located at the back of the neck. Nerves that exit your spinal cord control muscle movements. Pain typically develops due to poor posture or injury from an accident. Muscle inflammation, or trigger points (very sensitive areas of muscle), can cause the suboccipital muscles to tighten or spasm, resulting in pain. Bone and joint conditions, and nerve or spinal cord involvement, can also contribute to pain.

Don't suffer with neck pain or headaches a moment longer, and make your appointment with a chiropractor today. Upper cervical chiropractic care is a natural way to ease neck pain. Chiropractors can perform hands-on treatments and teach you exercises and relaxation techniques to free you of pain so you can enjoy your life. 

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